DSBC: Becoming Michelle Obama Recap #1

by Carjamin Scott on December 20, 2018 at 7:11 a.m. CST

Our first Book Club meeting was hosted on December 16, 2018 at 2p. Guests were greeted and offered snacks – popcorn, meat and cheese tray, macaroons, water, and wine. There were nine attendees – two men, seven women, and two married couples. The age range, work experiences, and education levels of the room varied which provided increased depth for our conversation.

To start, we surveyed the room to determine what we hoped to gain from the discussion. We learned that most of the attendees had read the first few pages of the book. Some of the attendees joined the club because of their admiration for Michelle Obama. One attendee mentioned that she saw parallels between her life and Barack Obama’s life. Other attendees just wanted to read the book alongside friends.


Overall, everyone participated because our conversation was about how our personal stories compared with the Obama’s. We discussed Mrs. Obama’s parents versus our parents or our parenting style, Mrs. Obama’s community versus our neighborhood that we grew up in, and Mrs. Obama’s mention that she is a “box checker” whereas her husband is a “swerver.”

We ended at 4:15p and after the discussion we agreed to read the first section of the book, Becoming Me. It’s about 100 pages. We will meet again on January 13 at 2p at the same location. The location address will be emailed prior to the event. All are welcome to attend. Some of the questions that we may use to guide our next discussion are here.

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