Nashville’s Most Eligible Black Graduate Students

by Carjamin Scott on March 2, 2019, at 8:05 p.m. CST

Last week, I read an article which listed some of Nashville’s most eligible singles. I shared this article with a few friends, primarily graduate students, to prove that their love interest is closer than they think.

To summarize our conversation, we gathered that finding love is a bit of luck, timing, and making the decision to put yourself out there. Consequently, these singles have decided to do just that, they are testing their luck and creating the time to meet a potential partner.

And they have asked me to help them, “shoot their shot” and “get their Mrs. Degree.” 🙂

We will honor our singles during a Meet and Greet event at Minerva Avenue on Thursday, March 14 from 8 – 11p. The event will be a casual mix and mingle, no arranged dating, no planned agenda, and no forced conversations. We hope to see you there.

Click through the photos to learn more about these promising young graduate students.

Photos above are in the order that the submission was received.

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