Four TN Activists to follow.

by Carjamin Scott on May 2, 2019 at 10:05 p.m. CST

People who campaign to bring about political or social change are activists. When most people think of activists, they probably picture the ones that we are taught about in history class like Rev. Dr. King and Rosa Parks. While that’s an accurate thought, it is important to recognize modern day activists. From holding state officials accountable, having courageous conversations, reforming gun laws, and encouraging voter participation, here are four modern day activists to follow.

Aftyn Behn is a Statewide Organizer for Indivisible Tennessee. She’s also a co-host of GRITS podcast, and former Engagement Manager for the Tennessee Justice Center. Most recently, she’s made headlines for urging Gov. Bill Lee to demand the resignation of Rep. David Byrd. She staged a multiple day sit in and was ultimately arrested.

Justin Jones, a Vanderbilt Divinity student and Fisk University graduate, is an outspoken young civil rights activist who went viral after posting a conversation regarding the public education budget.

Jones is currently banned from the TN Capitol. House Speaker, Glen Casada, his Chief of Staff, Cade Cothren, and other members of his team are under investigation by the District Attorney for allegedly framing Jones.

Kathryn McRichie is a lead at Mom’s Demand Action, a grassroots movement of Americans demanding reasonable solutions to address our nation’s culture of gun violence.

Timothy Hughes, Senior Project Manager at The Equity Alliance and volunteer with the TN Black Voter project works to increase the number of black and brown voters. He was interviewed by News Channel 5 and shared why he believes that HB1079 and SB971 are voter suppression laws.

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