The 5 cries for help and healing.

by Carjamin Scott on July 24, 2019 at 7:30 a.m. CST

There is nothing wrong with a good cry. I’ve always been a crier. Not a cry baby but a crier. The difference between a crier and a cry baby is cry babies don’t want their cries solved. I used to be ashamed of crying, especially in front of others. But I’m learning that it’s necessary to show emotion.

According to Medical News Today, crying helps to relieve your pain and the pain of others around you. Research has found that, “In addition to being self-soothing, shedding emotional tears release chemicals that make people feel good and may also ease both physical and emotional pain.”

I appreciate fellow criers because it takes courage to be our authentic selves. We have a sense of empathy that is demonstrated through our tears. I’ve summarized my five cries for help and healing.

1. Empathy Cry

When I was younger, I would cry because I wanted the people around me to feel the sadness I felt. I think children have perfected this cry. It’s how they get our attention and beg us to get them what they need.

2. Passion Cry

When people ask me my true motivation for what I want out of life I tend to develop tears in my eyes. This is usually a simple cry. A glass of water or a few blinks can clear this cry up. This is one of the cries I used to be ashamed of and would try to hold in. I would apologize to others for it. Nowadays, I just let it happen and thank people for allowing me to share myself with them.

3. Gratitude Cry

I had one of these recently. It was over something that I felt I had no control over. This cry is a feel good cry, a thankful cry. This is probably my favorite cry because, as a believer, I feel God’s presence upon me during this cry. I know God has true control over everything and the cry is how I worship the goodness of the Lord. I’m at peace during this cry and I feel that like I’ve surrendered to the situation that caused the cry.

4. Angry Cry

This is a cry because I’m tired of something occurring that I can’t fix. I have this cry when I’m triggered about something. It could be a news story, or something that happened with my kids, or just someone that ruined my day. I have this cry the least of them all and it’s a short cry. It helps me to clear my thoughts before I act.

5. No Tears Cry

This is the cry when I just want help and I’m full of emotion but no tears seem to flow. It’s the cry that makes me wonder if I’ve lost all emotion towards a situation. I used to have a cry type for nearly everything and recently I’ve started having the no tears cry. This is the sick and tired of being sick and tired cry. It’s the, I’m tired of saying and doing the same things over and over without any results in sight cry.

No matter what you are crying over or crying from, understand that you are not alone. With the political climate, relationships we are in, and responsibilities we have, it’s ok to cry every now and then.

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4 thoughts on “The 5 cries for help and healing.”

  1. Love this article. I have experienced all of these but in this season I am living in the no tears, cry to get empathy, and my spirit is in pain tears. Praying for deliverance.

  2. As I progress in career and age I have the gratitude cry a lot and sometimes the passion cry. When I hit a road block the passion cry helps me to reflect and muster up the strength to move forward.

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