Join me for the #300wishlist challenge inspired by Steve Harvey

by Carjamin Scott on September 26, 2019 at 1:30 p.m. CST

For the past several months, I have intensely focused on improving my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Instead of relying on my phone calendar, I bought a paper planner to write down the things that I want to do for myself. I renewed my gym membership. I have been listening to chakra and meditation music. I have been attending bible study. And, I try to ride my bike at least three times a week. I’ve decluttered my social media and I only like or comment on things that speak to my new normal.

The social media algorithm working to collect this data is amazing, and not by accident, my Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter feeds have realigned to support me on this journey. This is how I found “Write Your Vision, Motivated” by Steve Harvey. Isn’t it great when you hear things at the right time and they seem to remind you that you are doing the right thing?

In it, Steve shares two scriptures (James 4:2-3 and Habakuk 2:2) that helped to change the course of his life.

James 4:2-3 You have not because you ask not.

Habakuk 2:2 Write your vision make it plain. 

Then, Steve challenges the audience to meditate on the things we want from God and he gives guidance on how to imagine these things coming to fruition.

300 Wishlist Challenge

Here are the instructions for the 300 Wishlist Challenge

  1. Write down everything you want.
  2. Write at least 300 things. At 75, you might get stuck so begin to ask yourself a few questions.
    1. How many cars do you want?
    2. What kind of car?
    3. What color?
    4. Where do you want your next house to be?
    5. Do you want a summer home?
    6. Where do you want to travel to?
    7. How much money do you want in the bank?
    8. How much would you like to have when you retire?
    9. How much would you like to give your siblings?
  3. Read your list every night and every morning.

Visible Vision Board

Here are the instructions for Visible Vision Board:

  1. Take a photo of your vision board, this is your signal to God of what you want Him to do for you.
  2. Save the photo as your phone and computer screen saver to make your vision board visible and easily accessible.

Today, I am asking you to join me for Steve Harvey’s #300wishlist challenge. Grab a notebook and write down everything you are asking God for. Try to get your list done by the New Year, then let’s check in with each other to see what we’ve marked off our list.

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25 thoughts on “Join me for the #300wishlist challenge inspired by Steve Harvey”

      1. Starting my list tonight and plan on re doing my old vision board but with better outlook

  1. I am also starting my list. I pray for Gods grace with my list let Him favor me as He did to you Mr Steve

  2. I may be coming to this topic late in the game but it is the exact moment that I needed to hear this and proof that God speaks to us in the most unlikely ways. Who would have thought that a video from Steve Harvey would be the inspiration I needed to change my prayer life and expectations. I am starting my goal list right now.

  3. I wrote a dating wish list a year ago only to have them shot down. But I still want to do them and just days ago I posted my 20 idea bucket list for myself and one person has already helped me take one off. I saw the video today and am now adding my 20 to this list of 300 and will be checking in with ya’ll as well. Did ya’ll post your list somewhere?

  4. Hey. Did my Vision Board few days back and I’m about to do my 300 wishlist. How long to I have to take go write this list?

  5. I started my list this morning. I only have around 30 things and I’m completely stuck! But I am determined to finish! And can’t wait to start checking things off my list

  6. Thank you for this post it really helped me, since I just wrote down my list. Can’t wait to thick some off. God bless Steve Harvey

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