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In this episode, Dr. Carjie Scott, Radio Show Host, will celebrate graduating high school seniors from Alachua County High Schools and throughout the nation. Dr. Scott will provide listeners with ideas to celebrate high school seniors. Your senior year of high school is a critical time in your life. You will soon graduate and enter the “real world.” Why not go out with a bang and make lasting memories with your classmates? Listen live to hear ways to celebrate your senior year at powerstation92.com this Saturday, October 29 at noon. Here are some ways to celebrate your senior year.

  1. Senior Night – This event celebrates the end of high school and marks your journey after that. It recognizes your academic, athletic, and leadership abilities and acknowledges the contribution of your friends, family, faculty, and staff. Typically, it is hosted during the last home game of the season.
  2. Trunk Party – This event is usually a celebration for someone accepted into college and will live on the college campus. At the party, guests fill the trunk with non-perishable food, school supplies, room decorations, laundry supplies, bedding, and other college essentials.
  3. College Signing Day Event – For students accepted to multiple colleges, many college signing day events are hosted for scholars in partnership with non-profit organizations, high schools, and churches. During this event, students share the scholarship awards received and the colleges they have been accepted to. Then they announce the college that they are attending.
  4. Senior Class Gift – This is an opportunity for your Senior Class to leave something behind to commemorate your time in high school. Some gifts include a park bench, a scholarship fund, a landmark or mascot statue, parking signs, a t-shirt, or any other philanthropic token of appreciation.
  5. Decorate Senior Lockers or Parking Spaces – Seniors can decorate their lockers or parking spaces to celebrate their classmates. They can make this event a competition with a theme of colleges students have been accepted to, jobs that students want to earn after graduation or something generic like a superhero theme.
  6. Adopt a Freshman – Seniors can adopt a first-year student to become their mentor and help them get through high school. This can be a great way to increase high school retention and potentially help first-year students begin to think about life after high school sooner.
  7. Celebrate your Senior on the Radio – Comment on this post with your Senior’s name and high school, and Dr. Carjie Scott will celebrate them live on Power Station 92.1 FM. Listen live on your radio or at powerstation92.com. This episode will air live on Saturday, October 29, from noon to 2p,

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