College Enrollment Guru Implores Black and Minority Students to Own their Voice, Fail Forward and Shift the Culture


December 8, 2022

Agency: Education Equalizers, LLC



College Enrollment Guru Implores Black and Minority Students to Own their Voice, Fail Forward and Shift the Culture

The Education Equalizer™, Dr. Carjie Scott, reveals in her new self-narrated audiobook, “You Are Accepted: How to Get Accepted into College and Life!” why owning her story led her to become a first-generation college graduate who courageously stood up to workplace racism and sexism in higher education.  Additionally, Scott explains why all colleges and universities must revisit their policies and procedures to ensure access and equity for all students, particularly Black and minority students. She concluded the book by encouraging leaders to support HBCUs and students defrauded by for-profit institutions.  

“First-generation college students have unique backgrounds and experiences,” said Scott, whose mom was murdered, by a police officer, when Scott was only six. Her family rallied around her to ensure she received a quality education, becoming the first in her family to attend college and graduate.  

Nevertheless, the tragic event changed her life forever, but Scott refused to park in the trauma and grief of growing up without her mother. So, she decided to pursue college. In 2003, she left the south side of Chicago when she was accepted at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN. Scott candidly shares how she struggled with imposter syndrome by being a first-generation college student. 

“Students need to know they deserve to be in better spaces than they came from,” said Scott. “My mission is to normalize self-acceptance and college acceptance for Black students.” 

She feels it is her responsibility to ensure that all students who want to go to college are able to attend college. “Cost, prior grades, and fear should not dissuade a student from pursuing a college degree.” 

“There is a college for every student – trade school, HBCU, PWI, or community college – and it’s my job to share with students what a college education can do for them. My college was my home away from home. It exposed me to greater opportunities, new subjects to learn, and people who challenged me to become a better version of myself. For some students, college can change the trajectory of their life. It saved mine!”

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