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Throughout my entire adult life, I’ve been surrounded by college students. These students all come from different walks of life: first generation college students, students seeking a trade, students who are parents, students attending college with their parents, minority students, students working full time while in school, students at Top-ranked institutions, students who live on campus, students who attend solely online, students enrolled at HBCU’s, etc. As we all know, and as described above, the definition of the ‘traditional college student’ is changing.

I began this blog while I was involved with many education related projects. However, I became frustrated because I felt that I was not making a difference for the students that need me the most — the college students unable to find community at their institution.

I was beginning to feel stuck and I felt that I was growing further away from where I wanted to be. Although I was reaching my career goals, I felt paralyzed because it seemed that I was just working to get things done for myself instead of working with purpose and vision to assist the students that I chose this career for.

I was in a pruning stage and this blog has grown with me. This blog is my outlet and online journal. It allows me the freedom to express myself independently and it continually helps me to re-identify my interests. This blog gives me a safe space to share and is just one of the many ways that I connect with students every day. It ensures that as I learn new things, I take the time and share it with those who have yet to have the experiences I’ve obtained.

My hope is that this information inspires others. You can expect me to present traditional lifestyle blogging, information about attending college for free, interviews of people doing great things, books I’m reading and meetings to discuss, invitations to write with me, and life improvement conferences. I am working towards creating success for myself and my community. Follow my journey and become inspired. I’m glad you are here.

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  1. I am so glad that you are honoring your mother by continuing what she taught you. What a great way to remember her.

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