Instagram: Harlee_ann_
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Graduate School: Argosy University
Degree: Master of Arts Industrial Organizational Psychology

Getting to know Harlee

Q. What’s your idea of a great first date?
A. A game night!
Q. What do you enjoy doing for fun?
A. Bar hopping, karaoke, and game nights.
Q. What did your parents teach you about love?
A. They taught me that love is a choice.
Q. What is the last book you read?
A. Create your Culture by Jack Simon
Q. What is something that a partner might be shocked to learn about you?
A. I enjoy camping and wilderness activities like hiking and white water rafting.

Here are Harlee’s favorite places.

Q. Where do you go to unwind after class?
A. The gym.
Q. What is your favorite restaurant?
A. Where ever there is all you can eat crab legs

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