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Impact Nashville

(November 2019) The Equity Alliance Grant Presentation

Vanderbilt University Public Theology and Racial Justice Collaborative

(October 2019) Introducing Keynote Speaker Dr. Richard Harris

The Nashville Blogger Bash

(July 2019) Finding Your Blogging Voice 30-minute presentation

Tennessee State University

(June 2019) The Importance of Voting and the Impact it has on the lives of Youth one-hour presentation

Vanderbilt Divinity School

(April 2019) The Equity Alliance’s Impact on Voter Registration in TN table attendee

Youth About Business

(July 2019) The importance of writing your narrative and telling your story. one-hour presentation

(July 2018) Business School Bingo one-hour presentation

(July 2017) Vision Board Party one-hour presentation



Scott, C. (2018). Attend College for Free in Tennessee. Carjie Scott Blog https://carjiescott.com/free-ebook/


Scott, C. (2018). 3 Types of Self-Discipline you Need to Accomplish Your Vision https://medium.com/@carjamin.scott/3-types-of-self-discipline-you-need-to-accomplish-your-vision-9f4ba4c0d3b0

Scott, C. (2018). College Options for Tennesseans with Intellectual Disabilities https://medium.com/@carjamin.scott/college-options-for-tennesseans-with-intellectual-disabilities-featuring-the-tigerlife-program-at-b56676edb1b9

Scott, C.. (2018). Promote Mental Health Before College: Suicide Risk on the Rise for Teens aged 15-17 https://medium.com/@carjamin.scott/promote-mental-health-before-college-suicide-risk-on-the-rise-for-teens-aged-15-17-6187c69549a7 

Scott, C.. (2018). Meet Rev. Shantell Hinton the First Black Woman to Lead in the Office of the University Chaplain Medium  https://medium.com/@carjamin.scott/meet-rev-shantell-hinton-the-first-black-woman-to-lead-in-the-office-of-the-university-chaplain-532b1930ec5e 

Scott, C. (2018). Nashville Students and Alumni Share Why They Chose an HBCU https://medium.com/@carjamin.scott/nashville-students-and-alumni-share-why-they-chose-an-hbcu-a5a897c359a7

The Tennessee Tribune

Scott, C. (2018). Jackson Discusses her Pathway to the Presidency. The Tennessee Tribune Online News Website http://tntribune.com/education/jackson-discusses-her-pathway-to-presidency-at-nashville-state/ 

Vanderbilt News

Scott, C (2018). Vanderbilt Division of Public Affairs Addresses USAC about Public Policy and Community Initiatives. USAC News https://my.vanderbilt.edu/usac/vanderbilt-division-of-public-affairs-addresses-usac-about-public-policy-and-community-initiatives/

Scott, C. (2018). Vice Chancellor Discusses Newly Formed Division of Communications. USAC News https://my.vanderbilt.edu/usac/vice-chancellor-discusses-newly-formed-division-of-communications/

Scott, C. (2018). USAC Gets an Employee Benefits Preview for 2019. Vanderbilt University. USAC News https://my.vanderbilt.edu/usac/usac-gets-an-employee-benefits-preview-for-2019/

Scott, C. (2017). Chief HR Officer Leads USAC in an Interactive Presentation on Values at Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt University USAC News https://my.vanderbilt.edu/usac/chief-hr-officer-leads-usac-in-an-interactive-presentation-on-values-at-vanderbilt/

Scott, C. (2017). Crisis Management Panel Addresses USAC About Event Security and Safety on Campus. Vanderbilt University USAC News https://my.vanderbilt.edu/usac/crisis-management-panel-addresses-usac-about-event-security-and-safety-on-campus/

Scott, C. (2017). Equal Pay for Equal Work: Lilly Ledbetter. Vanderbilt University EDI Connect https://indd.adobe.com/view/a53e730c-743c-4bfb-a6ab-6267c78b8e8a

Scott, C. (2017). The Future of Parking and Transportation at Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt University USAC News https://my.vanderbilt.edu/usac/the-future-of-parking-and-transportation-at-vanderbilt/

Scott, C. (2017). University Benefits Executive Director Provides USAC with Information about Benefits and Open Enrollment. Vanderbilt University USAC News https://my.vanderbilt.edu/usac/university-benefits-executive-director-provides-usac-with-information-about-benefits-and-open-enrollment/

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