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Tennesseans, Follow these 3 Steps to get Free Money for College and Career Planning Guidance.

by Carjamin Scott on May 26, 2018, at 2:13 p.m. CST

The College for TN website provides Tennessee residents with the information they need to attend college for free and plan their careers. Upon accessing the site, you will notice the following categories: elementary school, middle school, high school, parent, adult learner, and educator. Each section is loaded with information to help students make informed college and career choices.

Elementary Schoolers

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is possibly the most asked question to young people. Yes, even in kindergarten, students need to determine what types of jobs and careers they are interested in. On the College for TN website, you can learn about Career Town. Career Town is an online interactive village of games for students to inspire their career path. It is designed for students in kindergarten through 5th grade. Below Career Town is Kids Search. Kids Search is a resource that provides students, parents, tutors, and educators with worksheet activities that supplement the online games.

Middle Schoolers

If you are a parent of a middle school student or middle school guidance counselor, please encourage your middle schooler to register on the College for TN website. When a student reaches 6th grade or is a least 13 years of age, it is time to begin choosing a career path. This section of the website provides middle schoolers with the information they need to get started with college and career planning. After your middle schooler logs in, she will have access to lessons and activities which will help her make informed college and career path decisions.

High Schoolers 

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