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In 2021 Dr. Carjie Scott published “You are Accepted: How to Get Accepted into College and Life.” It details her commitment to equalizing and maximizing educational opportunities for all students, particularly Black and first-generation students. The book birthed her desire to create her own organization that would enable her to use all of her experience working at trade schools, top-ranked, highly selective universities, and HBCUs, an organization that truly put students first. Therefore, she founded The Education Equalizer. She does speaking engagements, higher education workshops, and consulting services through this brand. She also founded The Education Equalizer Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit that accepts 20 rising junior and senior mentees annually for assistance with college preparedness. EEF also hosts virtual workshops for middle through high schoolers to prepare them for ACT testing, job readiness, and how to afford college. She is the Director of Digital Recruitment, Enrollment Partnership, and Virtual Engagement at Tennessee State University and an Adjunct Professor at Santa Fe College within the Student Leadership and Development department. She is enrolled in TSU’s College of Public Service, ranked as one of the best Graduate Public Affairs programs in the US, and the #2 Public Affairs program at an HBCU. She is earning a Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management.

You are Accepted: How to Get Accepted into College and Life

Carjie Scott provides a first-hand account of her experience as an administrator serving at trade schools, graduate institutions, and HBCUs. You are Accepted, is required reading for first-generation college students and higher education professionals. It encourages readers to own their story and accept themselves so that they can transform education for individuals who were historically excluded from attending college.

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More about Dr. Scott

Dr. Scott launched the Education Equalizers Foundation to partner with various stakeholders regarding college acceptance and completion. These individuals include parents, rising college students, higher education leadership, and community/corporate leaders. 

Her newest book, “You are Accepted: How to Get Accepted into College and Life,” is available everywhere books are sold. The literary work chronicles nearly two decades of higher education experience and her success as a woman of color in leadership. Additionally, she candidly shares with readers the power of owning their story, even the most challenging aspects of it. 

Dr. Scott’s vision is to create an inclusive and diverse higher education work environment that mirrors the student body enrolled there. In her book, she details how she spoke truth to power and held leaders accountable. She believes that students will start, stay, graduate and become gainfully employed when they learn in environments and have access to mentorship that encourages them to be their authentic selves.  

Dr. Scott enjoys writing and serving in the community. She has been featured in the following publications: The Tennessee Tribune, Gainesville Sun, Yahoo News, and xoNecole. Her ebook “Attend College for Free in Tennessee” has helped her cultivate relationships and personally advise residents on how to offset the cost of attending college.

She is a recipient of the Karen Dolan Spirit Award and Communications Committee of the Year Award by the Vanderbilt University Staff Advisory Council. She was named a Nashville Emerging Leader finalist by YP Nashville and the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. She was also a nominee for Women Who Rock Nashville. She earned the Admissions Voice to Voice award and Admissions Excellence award while at Vatterott Career College.

Dr. Scott is married to Dr. Kerwin Scott, a former US Marine, and current Periodontist Resident. They are the parents of two future doctors, Channing and Kerwin, Jr. 

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