“You are Accepted: How to Get Accepted into College and Life” Autographed Book


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Publisher : Education Equalizers, LLC (March 31, 2021)
Language : English
Paperback : 158 pages
ISBN-10 : 163848919X
ISBN-13 : 978-1638489191
Item Weight : 5.3 ounces
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Dr. Carjie Scott, the Education Equalizer, ™ defied the odds as a first-generation college student who rose to the top. When faced with opposition as a woman of color in higher education, she spoke truth to power and held leaders accountable to their institution’s governing policies that silenced the powerless and enabled the powerful. Dr. Scott advocates for first-generation college students, particularly Black students. She believes these students will enroll, excel, and graduate when celebrated and nurtured. Consequently, they will become gainfully employed when they are a part of an academic environment that celebrates their innovative ingeniousness as well as their diversity. Her vision is to create an inclusive and diverse higher education work environment that reflects the student body, instead of an agency that repels or rebukes them. Education will always be one of the vehicles that accelerates greatness. However, education should never be the entity that contributes to stagnation for anyone. Therefore, Dr. Carjie Scott, the Education Equalizer ™ relentlessly works to ensure that education is not only accessible but equitable.


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13 thoughts on ““You are Accepted: How to Get Accepted into College and Life” Autographed Book”

  1. Dr. Scott’s book is a must read for first-generation college students to college administrators/leaders. Dr. Scott candidly shares powerful truths grounded in self-acceptance, resiliency and advocacy. Additionally, she shares the importance of owning your story, honoring/celebrating diversity and failing forward. This book is an invaluable resource for all higher education stakeholders.

  2. I finished reading, You are Accepted, in one day because it was such a good read. I was impressed with how Dr. Scott told her story with such bravery and vulnerability that made her instantly someone you wanted to cheer for but also someone you wanted on your team because she is tenacious, inspiring, and refreshingly honest. I attended an HBCU (TSU) for my bachelor’s, then attended two predominately white institutions for my MPH and MD. It was intriguing to read Dr. Scott’s experiences and see the similarities in what I have encountered. I highly recommend this book to educators at all levels, government officials, parents, students, and anyone wanting to be informed about the opportunities and struggles in higher education. It will also hopefully start more conversations about institutional racism that impacts higher education, society, and individuals. Dr. Scott did a beautiful job discussing difficult but important topics that cannot be addressed if they continue to be ignored.

  3. This book is more than the college acceptance process. It’s about overcoming life’s challenges and pushing yourself to achieve more than you thought was possible. To do what’s right and propel yourself to the next level. The book inspires you to use your voice and champion yourself as well as your community.

  4. A 2021 must-read and guaranteed page-turner! Dr. Scott provides honest and engaging insight on a career in Higher Education Administration from the perspective of an authentic, hard-working woman.

  5. “You Are Accepted” is a book about determination and triumph, perseverance and passion. Reading this book encourages you to dig deep with yourself, embrace your passions and to never take no for an answer to your goals. Carjie is an inspiration and her book proves that with dedication and perseverance you can achieve your goals no matter what odds are stacked against you.

  6. “You Are Accepted: How to Get Accepted into College and Life,” by Dr. Carjie Scott is intriguing, informative, and it takes the reader on a necessary journey of introspection regarding self-acceptance, self-discovery, and self-awareness.

    Dr. Scott used her life’s experiences and her educational paths to vividly convey what it like to be Black, highly-educated/highly-qualified, and female in spaces that celebrate our innate greatness or spaces that attempt to crush or contaminate it!

    Her ability to eloquently articulate the pinnacles and pitfalls of educational success will enlighten parents, first generation college hopefuls, and education professionals in private and public sectors.

    Dr. Scott doesn’t just provide a definition of acceptance… her literary work grants each reader the opportunity to be accepted because she understands the importance of not just remembering where we’ve come from… but accepting it and using it as the fuel to cause a combustion of unstoppable greatness!

  7. “You Are Accepted” takes you on a journey of self-exploration & truth. Not only does Dr. Scott provide very poignant examples of her inner struggle while navigating academia, the examples of black love, mutual respect & ambition are inspiring as well. To truly know your value & walk confidently in your light and purpose is a blessing. Carjie, you are a blessing.

  8. This book is a must read for those beginning the academic journey, completing the journey, or in a new season of your career. This book will offer great insight. She was candid and honest about her experiences, and she shared her solutions that can be applied to anyone’s life. I love this book, and I highly recommend it.

  9. The book is simply awesome and a must read! I read it in one sitting as I could not put it down without finishing it.
    This is a book for all, not just students trying to get accepted in college. The author shares her amazing inspirational life story and the book is filled with meaningful insights!

  10. My 5th grader has been reading the book and is actually excited to be reading! Win! Plus he’s learning great tips to get him ahead! Thank you Dr. Scott!

  11. “You Are Accepted” is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading! Dr.Scott’s story is extremely moving and motivates me, as a first generation student pursuing higher education, to keep pushing because ANYTHING is possible when you truly set your mind to it and have pure intentions, no matter the circumstances whether it be location, finances, etcetcetc! I loved the book and recommend it to all students, ESPECIALLY first generation students!

  12. I think it’s a book about more than school admissions but a story of owning your birth right in this world and choosing your experiences wisely

  13. Wow! I just finished your book and the only word I can say now is awesome…Beautifully written. By reading your book, I have been enlightened on the mammoth task of admissions and process. I enjoyed every portioñ as you describe the various ups and downs, however my favorite is when you turned more attention to seek guidance from God. This was powerful. I want my son’s ànd their wife’s to read your book as well.

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