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If you reached this page, you want to ask me how to do something or learn how I did something. Thank you for the opportunity to share my proven strategy with you. After, I have received your payment I will follow up to schedule a 30-minute 1:1 virtual appointment with you.

• 14+ Years Admissions and Marketing Executive
• Enrollment Management | Brand Management
• Academic Leadership | Administration
• Career & Education Development | Admissions
• Team Management | Employee Retainer
• Prospect Management
• Diversity | Inclusion Targeted Recruitment
• Brand Campaign Strategy & Execution
• Broadcaster & Radio Show Host
• Internal / External Speaker Communicator
• Customer Relationship Management
• Digital Marketing & Social Data Mining
• Slate CRM Implementation & Management
• EveryAction CRM Implementation
• Fundraising Programs | Initiatives | Volunteer Management
• Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Clifton Strengths Finder Results: Restorative, Positivity, Arranger, Individualization, & Achiever (2016)
Clifton Strengths Finder Results: Relator, Restorative, Strategic, Connectedness, & Achiever (2020)

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